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Bathroom Policy at LMHS

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This Tuesday during Core, it was decided that you can not use the bathroom during regular periods, and only during passing time. If we are allowed, we can only use it for 5 minutes and if were later than 5 minutes, we get a detention if we dont give legit reason. For example, if someone needs to use the bathroom for an extended period of time (more than the 5 minutes allotted), no one wants to admit the real reason out of embarrassment and I feel like its a violation of privacy to have to explain. This was put into place because some students in the high school abuse the power to leave the classroom. This is not fair to the people that do follow the rules, and people that dont abuse this right. Many students hate this new policy, and from first-hand experience, already people are again finding a way to be irresponsible with this new policy. Myself and many students want the policy to be revoked for the time being and re-evaluated to rather target those who abused the right in the first place. I do not know how many signatures I need, but if I can get majority of the school maybe they would agree with changing this policy.

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