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We Have the Power: Bring Back Panther Hour!

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A few words to describe Panther Hour; necessary, essential, and effective. Panther Hour is more than a break in the day to eat lunch and socialize with friends, but a time where students can go to teachers for help, participate in clubs, release their energy with physical activity, or study and improve their academics.

Panther Hour provides an alternative to those who want to be more involved in after school activities, but just don't have the resources to get rides from school all of the time. The convenience of Panther Hour is not just limited to students, but is applied to teachers and staff as well. To get help for projects, homework, and complicated concepts, students can go to a teacher during school, instead of having to schedule a time afterwards, when most staff want to leave. If the student is not able to get help for a concept when it is taught, the curriculum is forced to continue on, leaving the confused behind. Many credit Panther Hour with bringing up their grades, as it gives them the appropriate time and resources to redo tests, make up work, and in general learn more. 84% of students agree that Panther Hour has benefited them, according to a student led survey. Because Panther Hour gives students more time to study and review, it greatly decreases the stress levels that are noted to be high with high school students. This break also gives students time to do homework or other projects in school; leaving more of the day after school is over to play sports, relax, or sleep, instead of doing schoolwork. Our very own principal marked that this 70 minute lapse in our day was increasing GPAs.

Panther Hour was taken away because of students fighting in the cafeteria... the cafeteria? But wouldn't that be where we would be eating if Panther Hour were taken away? Yes, students were participating in unnecessary and unsafe behaviors during Panther Hour, and yes, a student was hurt during this incident. But why should the majority be punished for the acts of the minority? Around two thousand students go to the school, why does it take a couple to ruin it for the rest of us? This time last year there was also a string of 'neighborhood' related fights. Panther Hour is not to blame for the incident that occurred; students will make bad choices no matter what type of lunch schedule they have.

Bring back Panther Hour for the people who care, and who benefit from this time every day. 88% of students say they support the continuation of Panther Hour; why get rid of something so many students agree is helping?

Sign this petition if you agree that we deserve Panther Hour.

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