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Students Aren't SLAVES! Better Management for M.C College Barpeta!

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1. The Principal's authority is really confusing.He signs on an application saying a student is allowed to appear in examination, the office staff (which hardly can read any English) wants their own version of the application signed from ALL THE different teachers involved in the classes.  Is that the kind of authority a principal holds over his office? 

2. Mis-filing of data. Over 4 English Medium students were harassed mentally and physically on the fact that "we had low attendance", when cleared with all the departments, it came up that we had low attendance in ASSAMESE! WE don't even have Assamese as our subject. ) We had to stand in 4 more hour of queue just because we were kicked out of our positions when we had the chance to get the forms and had to rejoin the queue from last.

3.  The office staff engaged in a verbal abuse with the students when they said there's no "low attendance" on them and they should be given the forms. (And this happens every year!) And not just with the students, they do not even answer or respect the teachers trying to help the students. 

The "Notice" said Admission forms for next semester would be handed out on 6th of March.

Since that date, every student is wasting his complete day going up to college at 9 A.M and standing in queues and groups till 4P.M.

Only then some clerk from the office comes out saying :- We won't be giving it out today.

Are we to just stand in queues waiting for an "answer" is the forms would be given out or not? Is it really that hard for college management to type a notice and let us know the "Exact" date instead of toying with us?

Standing 6 hours in queues for no reason ISN'T EASY! You can't go and grab food cause then you'll loose your spot in the line.

When asked about the confirmed time, the office says:- WE don't know. Well if you don't know when the forms are to be handed out, CAN"T YOU LET US KNOW!

Today being the 9th of March, the forms were given out at 4P.M. Without any prior notice that the forms would be given out TODAY!

The office kept chanting the whole day that "we don't know if we will give out forms or not".

And then suddenly at 4 they handed them out, when half the college went home already.

That's not all. The office clerks have the ego and attitude more than the Principal. How exactly did they get the jobs?Is "Human Behavior" not a qualification in the Indian constitution? If not, I'm sure it should be.

2 girls fainted because of the long, mismanaged lines as well. But who cares? That's the kind of management this college offers.

Problem for Girls:-

I need not explain what happens in a room where girls and boys are tightly packed in the same room in a college. There's not even breathing room.

Even if nothing serious, it's definitely uncomfortable for them. Just to save days of office work the management tries to complete it all in a single day.

The Problems:-

  • No response or responsibility from college towards students. No notice on updates, changed schedule or anything. We're expected to walk up to college at 9, stand 6 hours only to be let known that we wasted our day.
  • A single counter is set up for 2-3 semesters, a single guy handling all the forms. It's hard for him as well as for us. Imagine one person verifying and accepting 1500 forms, no doubt it's a 6 HOUR LONG QUEUE.
  • The Office Staff misbehaves, gets into verbal abuses and threats just if we asked for simple answers to questions.

The solution:-

  • "Department-wise" or atleast "Class-wise" form submissions where every student of any class can submit his forms in the class instead of a wild-fire single counter which is setup for Every stream, every class and every year.
  • "HUMAN" behavior from office staff.



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