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Anti-Body Shaming: Stand Against Body Shaming!

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Body Shaming is a relevant and prevalent problem here in our country, the Philippines.

"Uy, Tumaba ka! Yan kasi, kain ka ng kain!"

"Maganda sana sya, mataba lang."

"Payatot! Kumain ka naman, mukha ka ng toothpick."

Those are just some things that you'd normally hear from the mouths of most Filipinos. Body Shaming here in our country is so severe that some may even fail to recognize what they're doing or saying as body shaming. It's come to a point where it's become part of our culture. 

Here's Candy Mag's list of reasons why it's not okay to body shame anyone, including ourselves: 

1  It's not acceptable to make yourself or anyone feel less about themselves just because of their body type or size.

 2  Loving yourself is the one thing you should do for yourself and body shaming will only lead you to insecurity.

 3  You should not define yourself or anyone else by their body weight, size, or shape.

 4  Happiness should not be dependent on the opinion of any one person on your body or anyone else's body.

 5  Accepting and loving every bit of yourself is the key to finding true happiness and knowing your self worth.

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