Justice for girl and against discrimination

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We live in society where girl is taught to be in limits set by society from first breath of her, whereas boys are mould to do whatever they want.  Being vocal SEX is doomed in our society. So basically things which are banned are the things one needs to know or do as sex being one it's curiosity and then made into a need which one can't live without, so when a vulnerable is found one just need to do it and one thing leads to another ending into taking life. So from childhood a boy should be taught to respect women, in short good parenting will leads this if they are with short mindset than what they can teach so sex education from early age or at any age should be started. Counselling of one is needed to done if found suspicious and the root of cause is to be known because person doing this are not mentally stable. If person is found misbehaving or eye teasing than they should not be physically punished but should be send for psychotic help. By this we can reduce the rates of shameful events.