Rename the Davis Building's First year biology Labs' Hallway after Alvin Singh

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Hi everyone, My name is Sheldon D'leema and I am currently in my 3rd year at UTM - Psychology/ Life Sciences. As you have all heard in the recent news, Alvin Singh has passed away in his recent fight against cancer and I figured that he deserves a permanent place in this school as he has done so much to help us students to the absolute best of his ability, whether we knew it or not. He was imperative in our successful transition in University life and ensuring that our courses run smoothly and performed a thankless job amazingly. 

Alvin Singh has been one of the most prominent figures amongst the Life science and other science related programs and has helped several students, whether as a Teaching Assistant or as a friend. He has touched the hearts of many students such as myself and always took the time out of his busy schedule to ensure that our questions were answered and we got the help we needed. 

Two years later, I can't walk past the hallway in Davis between the food court and the passage to CCT without remembering what it was like to sit in those labs and perform biology labs. None of which woulhave been possible without Alvin help and scheduling. He was an amazing person and deserves more recognition than he gets. 

I want the current First years from the class of 2023 to learn of his legacy and for the future students to know of the wonderful person who shaped many of us into successful students. 
This is one of the many possible ways that we can show appreciation for him.