No ASF Dress Code

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From the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, the staff of ASF have insisted on implementing a dress code because they felt that the lack of a Dress Code was an issue and distracted students from their academics. The different claims presented by the director of the school include: a dress code creates a better and safer environment, and keeps from distracting others. The claim is counterintuitive because a “safe” space is one where everyone can express themselves as they wish through any creative means.

"Why must a minor worry about being 'distracting' to others and their teachers instead of introducing the idea that male teachers should learn to control themselves?" Furthermore, the student body believes that whenever the administration passes a policy that radically interferes with student behaviour, a representative from the student body should have a seat at the table and contribute to the conversation. Most importantly, students should be given a thorough explanation on the reason why policies are implemented in the first place, or else it is unfair to expect students to follow these policies. Many people's clothing is predominantly composed of the items that have been banned by the new dress code. The new policy implies spending money on buying new clothes, something that is wrong in principle, but also unnecessarily places many families in a financial conundrum. There has never been a problem regarding people being hurt or sexualized for their clothes at the school, so why should there be implemented change now?

Although it is not the intention of ASF to target female students in regards to the dress code, it is interpreted by the majority of students as a sexist policy. The new dress code is making girl wonder what they need to be ashamed of. No one opposes common sense but imagine a male teacher coming forward to denounce a close-fitting t-shirt on his 16 year-old student. Is this how we begin our understanding of Justice, Understanding and Truth?

Students alongside parents are outraged over these drastic changes to ASF's policies. “It is a great disappointment to see ASF this way,” sound the voices of many parents and students. Students and parents must come together to remind directors and other faculty that ASF belongs to the students. Please support students in putting an end to the ASF Dress Code by signing the petition.