No school in AISD, or allow excused absences until boil water notice is lifted

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The City of Austin has issued a Boil Water Notice for the entire city due to flooding in the Highland Lakes. This flooding comes with the release of water from Mansfield Dam and Tom Miller Dam that has muddied the water.

(From KXAN) "Austin Water Director Greg Meszaros said the three plants that supply water from the rivers are running at between a third and a quarter of capacities. Normally they can process more than 300 million gallons a day, but haven't been able to process much more than 100 million for the last two days, which is about what Austinites use. Storage tanks for emergency water are draining, and Meszaros said they need to be built back up." 

Earlier in KXAN's article was this statement "To provide necessary water pressure for fire protection, plants must distribute water at treatment levels not typical of the utility’s high standards for consumption." This statement means that in order to keep high pressure utilities running properly they have reduced the tap water quality.

This brings me to my concern for the schools in AISD, with the water fountains taped off and Bowie High School selling bottled water for 2 dollars a bottle is unjust for students who have no money, or students who have brought a water bottle but unable to refill it during the school day. 

I have seen multiple students rip the plastic from the fountains in order to get water as they either have no money to buy a small 2 dollar bottle of water from the school, or brought their own water bottle and used the fountain to refill it so they won’t be shelling out 2 dollars for a small amount of water 

High school sports teams who rely on water for hydration during practice will not be able to provide adequate water to players as well due to the fact that it would be nearly impossible to safely boil the water and let it cool down enough before practice.

With your signatures as students and parents of students enrolled in AISD we can reach a compromise with AISD Superintendent Paul Cruz to either call school off and have the days count as bad weather until the boil water notice is passed, schools hand out water bottles for free, or AISD allows excused absences for students who's parents are concerned about the conditions at school.

The number of signatures needed to reach the equivalent of 25% of the student population in all of AISD is 20,500 signatures.