Keep Amarillo High lunch times the same for the 2018-2019 school year

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The school board is attempting to change lunch schedules at Amarillo High. Here are a few reasons why this would be a catastrophe.

For starters, students will have less time at lunch to eat. The longer the lunch is, the less students have to worry about receiving a tardy to sixth period. When students try to rush to get out of an establishment, there is a higher chance of reckless driving, meaning that the percentage of wrecks will go up.

Secondly, the time at which the lunch is scheduled, 1:30, is far too late in the afternoon. In order for students to remain focused at school, students must be nutritiously sound. A lack of food is scientifically proven to cause exhaustion and shorten attention spans.

Lastly, if all upperclassmen go to lunch at the same time, all nearby restaurants will be packed full of high schoolers. This causes an issue not only for the employees of the establishment, but also for the students, as they have even less time to eat after they have ordered their food.

For these reasons and popular opinion of the students at AHS, we believe that our lunches are perfectly fine where they are currently. 

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