More healthy, affordable, plant-based food at Jacobs University serveries

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Dear apetito,

we, the students of Jacobs University, demand you as our caterer to increase the offer of affordable plant-based healthy meal options in the serveries of Jacobs University Bremen. 

Vegetarianism, veganism and flexitarianism are trends and dietary preferences an increasing number of students follow, said to be beneficial for health and environment and should therefore be supported. If, however, the food offered does not allow for a balanced plant-based diet, this is heavily discouraging people following this diet and furthermore irresponsible towards them.

One vegan meal per day without an alternative option of choosing from a variety of healthy side-dishes and salads is not enough for vegans to fulfil their need of nutrients and caloric intake. 

We appreciate that the vegan and vegetarian offer has already been increased. Nevertheless, there is potential to improve. Many vegans and vegetarians not only want to cut out animal products from their diet but also to eat healthy, which is not possible if the offered options are pizza, junk food or a plain potato. 

Other universities' serveries have a much wider variety in food offer and furthermore more reasonable prices. In contrast to increasing meal prices, our daily allowances called Meal Plan Money stayed the same. Hence, we are experiencing an artificial inflation and are at times unable to afford as much food as we would need to eat.

We hope to hereby express the urgency of this request and its importance to us.

A healthy diet is elemental to be in a good physical and mental state and to be resilient and fit - something especially important in difficult times as the current ones!