students to choose time to study units within the year

students to choose time to study units within the year

March 9, 2022
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Students and AIS adminstrators
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amnah Alhasan


Math units of year 8:

Algebra 1

Exponents 2

Geometry 3

Fractions 4

Student POV: Oh no!  I'm good at every unit except fractions! My grade will drop at the end and I cant do anything about it.  Oh wait! I can put fractions In the beginning of the year so I have the rest of the year to improve the grade with the units I'm good at!


Why am I advocating for this?
 Allowing students to choose time to study units within the year could benefit AIS students in a variety of ways. First, it gives students an opportunity to improve as if they choose a unit in which they don't do well in the beginning of the year, they will still have the rest of the year to improve and boost their performance. This strategy is far preferable than doing well all year and then having your grade drop toward the end of the year due to challenging units. Furthermore, this strategy will enable students to become more responsible and independent, which will allow them to become more engage and accountable towards their learning. At the end this will help AIS in implementing a more innovative learning strategy and creating students with a mature mind set. According to research, it can also boost students leaderships traits and give them a voice, it will also help them engage in the unit.




Who are my target audience?

The target audience are AIS students (Middle school ), educators as well as AIS administration. The AIS students are involved as the decision made counts on their point of view, the decision will also impact their learning and performance at school therefore, they have the right to be involved.  

The AIS administrators and educators are also involved, as they're the ones to make the final decision based on the AIS Learning strategy, and IB standard and best practices. 

What is it that you want to DO?
 After receiving student support through signatures on the petition, the petition will be sent to the administration via email,as well as educators, who will study the proposal and petition which has detailed information about the initiative beforedeciding whether to accept or disapprove it depending on what I send them.


How does your project create awareness / bring about positive change that affects inclusivity, rights, and responsibilities in the AIS community?
 Rights: the project fits in with rights as it is the students rights to interfere with their own education in which they pay for and invest time in.


How will your target audience know what is going on and get involved?

In order to attract or collect an audience (students, middle), I will send a petition to advisory teachers to send it on a channel on teams which students will sign after reading the information

What is the research/evidence that will convince your audience to get involved in your project?
"When students have the ability to choose what they would like to learn about, it makes them more eager to engage with the material." says source the sun choronical. This means, that if students are more in charged of their learning they will be more engaged. Another study done by John McArthy says "Learners need to understand the value of the subject". This is another evidence that it will increase students effort towards classes and understanding their learning which is another reason why this initiative needs to be within AIS learning system


Research :

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Support now
Signatures: 186Next Goal: 200
Support now