Sexism against female students in school by the staff and students

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Today all the girls from each year in Presention College Carlow were called out by their Year Head/ Dean of discipline and were told that they were not allowed to wear leggings or tight bottoms for PE as they cannot show off the “female anatomy” as it is distracting to the female and male staff of the school- not the students. THE STAFF. this is appalling, majority of students are 12-18 years old and should not feel sexualised by their teachers who they are meant to feel safe around. the male students were not aware of the situation going on and did not receive a talk about wearing tight clothes that show off the “male anatomy” which is probably more of a problem, the male students tend to wear tighter bottoms than the female students and nothing is being said to them. why should female students feel oppressed over a body part that everyone has?