Abolishment of ANTIFA on UT Austin campus

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The purpose of this petition is to give notice that undersigned College Republicans and openly conservative students are seriously concerned with the presence of Antifa organized crime gangs on the University of Texas. We believe this situation is critical. Lives are being damaged, destroyed, and students are frightened. Students have lost their voice, their freedoms of speech and assembly, and our University resembles a war zone.

These known groups damage monuments and the graves of our Veterans. They spray paint “rapist” on school property, and tag Antifa emblems in countless areas around downtown. They falsely misrepresent themselves and are nothing more than hate groups.
Antifa groups are recognized terrorist organizations by Homeland Security and the FBI.
Antifa is not in keeping with the Longhorn Spirit. We feel that Title IX does not provide remedies for this new wave of true organized crime. UT is not fully aware of the scale of the organized crime problem that the students face on a daily basis, and the administration is not equipped to discipline organized crime groups including the false accusations of rape being lodged against fellow faculty and
Victims are afraid to speak up. We are harassed, shouted down during the exercise of our freedoms, terrorized, doxed, and frightened into silence.
We deserve our liberties, our freedom of speech, and to be free from all threats of violence.
The Antifa groups The Student Revolutionary Front, Autonomous, and Red Guard Austin must not be allowed to further destroy out proud legacy.
Will UT ratify their criminal acts by allowing them to continue to operate with impunity on campus? Please sign out petition!