Equality to all Comrades

Equality to all Comrades

7 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Omondi Eddy

Online learning can't work for undergraduate@uon .

Due to the on going pandemic, Comrades have been wrestles with Forced online learning this has caused phycological torture us majority are not able to access the classes.

This have been caused by the following problem.

Lack of smart phone by student

Electric problem more so in village

No data connection by provision of Telcom data

Low attendance for those who are able to access classes.

Lack of concentration by student at home.

Conclution We are not equal ,majority are from lower class

Therefore,it is unnecessary to work with a small group of students for the process. Let see the pandemic reduce and continue just from where we left we should not hurry with life.Uon is a word class university and we expect good things from it.

Moreover,since the online classes started only 10% are able to attend classes in which some lectures have not attended even one but we understand. My question is;

If only 10% can where are the other 90%?

Do even the 10% get what is taught clearly?

Do you consider the less social group?

Do we promote equality?

Are we uniting comrades that some are attending and other left.

In conclusion, online is not a bad thing but Kenya still need big thing in future for this to happen let this pandemic be a lesson to us and change there after.Please listen to comrade if we are to do it let it be a test for future use.Thanks in advance

Comrade Edwin.



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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
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