Student Support for QUT NTEU Enterprise Bargaining

Student Support for QUT NTEU Enterprise Bargaining

8 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

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The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) is currently renegotiating their enterprise agreement with QUT, and students should support their claims!

Student and staff well-being is heavily linked, and students will reap the benefits of their staff having better working conditions. When staff have poor working conditions, they pass their disenfranchisement onto students through the quality of their learning. If staff are better-taken care of, students will have greater learning outcomes as their staff will be more likely to engage in their learning on a more personal level.

QUT does not provide students with their learning outcomes; QUT's staff do. QUT does not maintain facilities; QUT's staff do. We implore QUT Students to sign this petition and support QUT staff who facilitate their education!

As students, we have power in this relationship. QUT doesn't exist without students or staff. QUT says, 'students are the priority.' Use your voice to help your QUT Staff and stand in solidarity with them!

NTEU Claims include: 

  • 12% increase in salaries for NTEU members employed by QUT by 31 December 2024
  • 17% employer superannuation contributions for all employees
  • Ordinary hours for professional staff are capped to be no more than 36.25 hours per week
  • Hours caps on Academic workloads
  • Protections against uncompensated overtime
  • Protection against work intensification
  • Work from home (WFH) rights for all staff
  • Paid sick leave for casual staff
  • A requirement that casuals be paid by the hour for every hour worked
  • Lawful conditions and requirements on outsourcing of work
  • Gender affirmation leave
  • Right to conversion to permanent employment after three years of continuous employment
  • Retrenchment only where the position is no longer required;
  • and more claims that students will reap the benefits -

The full claims document may be found online.

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Signatures: 111Next goal: 200
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