Political Ideology Week

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 We care about politics. But we understand that a lot of people our age don't. 

And to be quite honest, we don't blame them...

When the only time we hear about politics of our country and world is all about words we don't understand like "policies", "campaigns" and "lobbyists", it's easy to see why it turns so many people off. 

On the other hand, there is the circus-show of the US Presidential election, where overdramatic accusations, debates and speeches make it very difficult to take anything seriously. How are youth expected to take politics seriously when the media coverage of so many events presents it as a joke? 

The truth is - whether we like it or not - that politics is and always will be of core importance to the lives of all of us. Even if you just know enough to understand which political party is most similar to your own moral beliefs, it is better to cast a vote with a bit of knowledge, instead of none. 


What we want: 

We hope to change this for students in our College, "Cheshire College South and West". We have an idea to create a fun political experience that combines the most well-known political ideologies and applies them to every aspect of college life in some potential ways as listed below: 

Communism: There would be a cheaper price for a standard-sized meal for everyone. Marks in lessons are based on a class average, everyone has an equal vote to change certain elements of college life for the day (lessons either start 5 minutes late or end 5 minutes early etc.) Everyone in the college - students, lecturers and even the principal - will be treated exactly the same. There will be

no hierarchy.  

Capitalism: Everyone gets given a certain number of "tokens" (the amount of which is dependent on your grades and course). These will be used as the only form of currency on the day (apart from food), like using computers, using certain staircases, using plug sockets for phone-charging, using the toilets. Everyone will have just enough to get through the day, but some will have a lot

more than others...  

Fascism: People are segregated/split by an unknown factor. The two groups of people will be asked to use different staircases, eat in different areas and not touch each other. One of the groups will have benefits over the other such as faster network speeds, and the other will have their own benefits such as getting to leave lessons 5 minutes early. By the end of the day, students will be asked to identify which factor was used to split the college. 

We hope that this experience will make politics a little bit more bearable for students in our College, as well as just generally raise awareness of politics and how important it is in everyday life. 

If you, as a student/lecturer at this College - or just anyone who wants to help us give this a go - would like to experience a few days of fun political experiences, please give your signature to make this more likely to become an actuality.


[Keep in mind that any controversial elements i.e. classifying on course/grade are just implemented to give a feel of an extreme version of the political ideology, and not a reflection of our own opinions/beliefs.]