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After sending a few emails, I only received one response. UT ensured that the fall will be the 'same quality' of education as a semester prior. I insisted that if this was true, universities would have moved to an online format long before they were FORCED to. I also asked them to acknowledge students who struggle to learn with an online format or oppose it in general and they said they have taken steps to accommodate every student. They also claimed that student facilities will be just as available as they have been previously, even though some will be online. I do not think they fully recognized their student body and our struggles right now. They were not receptive to our voices and concerns.

I am not sure what further steps to take as they completely shut down nearly 5,000 students' voices. I am personally reaching out to request an adjustment to my required meal plan as I am not going to frequent campus with online classes. I really hope UT is at least able to help students save money on dining for a campus that will barely be utalized. If you are interested in doing this, email utoperations@utk.edu.

Thank you for your support, I wish UT was more conscious of their student body. Open to suggestions if you have further steps we could take. 


samy vawter
1 year ago