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Grady Howard started this petition to Student One Managament and

Five people died of COVID-19 in NSW alone last night, the day before a man in his 20s with no underlying health conditions died in NSW of COVID-19. A global pandemic making its largest return to threat in Australian communities (Jeanette Young, 2021). But most challengingly making its return to Student One. Quarantine


Student One is intaking Close Contacts of COVID-19, mainly close contacts of the index UQ med student, a known spreader. Note these close contacts are not Student One residents, Student One is intaking people who have had contact with a case who are seen by the Government as infectious and having them quarantine at Student One putting us all at risk of COVID-19 without even contacting residents.

Australia is suffering from failed Hotel Quarantines; every recent lockdown can be linked to a mistake in Hotel Quarantine. In one of the latest blunders, Genome sequencing confirmed a woman caught the virus in hotel quarantine, after returning multiple negative tests during her stay. It is believed she caught the virus from a positive case on a different floor. (Khan, 2021)

COVID-19 travels through air vents and surface contacts. Travels past soldiers and police, how can we possibly expect Student One to be able to control it. How do we know these contacts will stay in their rooms? They are an abundance of college students already on Tik Tok not taking COVID-19 Quarantine seriously, what security does Student One have stopping a contact from simply walking out of there room, into the fire stairs and going into another friend’s room while possibly infectious. Student One is seriously out of there depth.

A failure of this magnitude will result in all of us being under police control and serving 14 days trapped without the ability to exercise, work, or leave our rooms


By signing this petition, you are standing alongside me and your fellow residents saying this is not okay.

Potential recommendations are removing the contacts, however since Student One clearly cares more about a profit line then residents’ safety, this does not seem reasonable.

I am suggesting a 2-week pause on rent payments for the duration of the students stay. A 2-week rent pause would allow those who do not believe in Students One capacity to play Hotel Quarantine finical padding if Student One fails and the building is sent under police control and quarantine for 2 weeks.

Ask yourself, if Student One fails, will they pay your bills and missed work because Centrelink doesn’t pay COVID relief to those on student benefits now. If Student One fails do you have trust in management to protect you, or will you end up dead like the 5 who died last night or the Sydney man in his 20’s with no underlying health conditions?


Grady Howard

A currently healthy 19, M Student One resident scared he won’t be healthy in 2 weeks.

0428 564 130,

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