Student Nurses & COVID-19 - help us help you!

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Student nurses may be asked to work frontline to help with the corona virus
Our placements have been cancelled until next year, yet we need a certain amount of hours to qualify as nurses in June 2021. If we are called to work frontline, we ask for the hours to be counted towards our degree. 

We have been encouraged to work for the NHS during this time even though our placements have been cancelled. We want to help, this is the profession we signed up for.

It seems only fair if even some of these hours of hard work are counted towards our degree, whether they’re paid or not. Otherwise we must begin 3rd year assignments and our dissertation now whilst helping with the coronavirus pressures and have an entire year of placement next year under intense pressure to finish on time. This means working full time and earning 0 money to pay for our accomodation and food. 

I fear many people will drop out of the course otherwise. 

Please support us as student nurses and enable us to qualify on time next year !

Thank you