Student Loan System Overhaul

Student Loan System Overhaul

September 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Bellisle

The Federal Student Loan Program needs to be scrapped and completely re-worked. It’s done to higher education costs what Health Insurance companies have done to medical costs, driven the costs to insanely high levels. Regardless of where you stand on the idea, the Federal Government should not be lending tax money to private citizens at any higher than 1% interest, and that interest should not be compounded/capitalized back on to the principal of the loan. You shouldn't be paying interest on your interest. 
I have a plan that I think will help borrowers pay back their debts that I think both the left and the right can come to agree upon. 
I have sent copies of this plan to Ron Johnson, Mike Gallagher, Tammy Baldwin, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and to the White House. If you feel this plan would work, please sign the petition. 
 Student Loan overhaul for future borrowers. 
Keep the current tax budget for the student loan program but, 
Lower the cap amounts per borrower at $25k for Technical and Associate degrees $40k for undergraduate and $80k for graduate @ 0-1% interest rate, which will not capitalized or compound on the principal. Individual barrowers are capped at a lifetime amount as well not to exceed $100k.  
Track the amount each borrower has spent on tuition. The school should provide and Itemized bill/receipt to the borrower and to the Dept of Ed each semester. Must be verified by the borrower and the Dept of Ed before payment is made to the school.  
One full tax year after either graduation or they have dropped out, the borrowers are added to an additional income tax bracket (not to exceed 10% of the Gross per pay period) where a tax is taken out of their paycheck pre-tax until either the balance has been paid off or 10-15yrs max worth of repayments has passed (based on an avg of 1 payment/month).  If the borrower should become unemployed for 6 months, then there are no payments made for 6 months but the repayment term would be extended by 6 months when the borrower becomes fully employed again.   
Should the student become disabled and unable to work ever again or die, the debt is forgiven. 
The IRS would need to work with the Dept of Ed on debt collection, this would do away with 3rd party loan servicers like Nelnet/Sallie Mae/Navient. There would be no need for harassing collection calls or ruined credit scores with this plan. As long as the borrower is working the debt is being repaid.  (If they are avoiding paying taxes, then that is a different story and should be handled however the IRS would handle that). 
This debt is not reported to credit agencies.  
There will also be no tax loopholes or tax credits allowed.  Unless dead or perm disabled, it must be repaid or until the repayment term limit has been reached. 
If an employer wishes to help pay the debt that can be done as well through the payroll . 
For Current borrowers holding student debt as of 2022, do away with all but 0-1% interest on the loans and move them into the repayment plan mentioned above but with a 5 yr max repayment plan. 

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Signatures: 193Next Goal: 200
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