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Protect the Elderly & Disabled from Student Loan Garnishments

Too many elderly and disabled within our great nation are having their only lifeline to survival taken away from them by student loan lenders. Student loan lenders such as Sallie Mae (SLM), Nelnet (NNI), College Loan Corp. as well as Direct Student Loans, Citibank, and others by law can and will come after social security and disability payments for the elderly and disabled.

We need Congress and the Department of Education to ACT on behalf of our weakest and most vulnerable citizens. The Student Loan Lenders and their lobbyists have successfully had the bankruptcy laws changed in their favor to prohibit people from ever finding relief from student loan debt no matter what life altering or financially destroying tragedy they have endured.

Millions of people are enslaved to the student loan industry until they die. Student loans can not be removed through bankruptcy and no safety net applies to them.

Tell Congress Seniors and the disabled should NOT have to choose between buying food and paying off student loans. This is morally wrong.

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