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"Keeping you safe anytime and everywhere"

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Kita kita (Oplan CCTV)


This project is about helping the school to monitor the students. Unacceptable behavior like cheating,bullying and other abusive action According to Secretary of Education Armin Luistro. Bullying in Philippines can take on a number of forms to include peer bullying,gender discrimination,physical violence,public ridicule,sexual harassment and psychology abuse when it comes to tackling bullying issues. Luistro feels that "bullying and other forms of violence in schools should be viewed not just as a school problem but as a social problem as well" so that our group hits on that issue and decided to promote this project kita kita (oplan cctv).


Kita kita (oplan cctv) will provide a webpage that promoting our project. Our mission is to encourage school using cctv containing the best quality, security, surveillance and solutions to protect today's generation and become part of the efforts of the country leadership in providing safe, secure and peaceful future to our next generations and have unique quality at a reasonable cost and ensure hassle free.


We were not worrying about the safetyness of children in day or night.

We have a better community with the help of cctv.

To make more visible anywhere and everywhere against crime.

To become progressive enough each of us.

To become knowledgeable and for having self awareness in our everyday life.                                                               Kita-kita (Oplan CCTV)


The Purpose of this project is to make sure that your children go to school everyday and avoid crime in school ground like bullying,using drugs or catch the abusive teacher/student. In this case you can feel safe for knowing that your child is safe and sound.


EYE SPY GROUP build thiss project kita kita (oplan CCTV). CCTV should be place in very corner of

school to decrease the increasing rate of crimer reenarous. CCTV serve as evidence to solve the problem.these are the common problem facing the schools. Bullying or harassment is one of the pronely case in school compound this kind of act can lead to depression and sometimes causing death.Prevent Vandalism,placing cameras on the interior and exterior of you school will help to prevent vandalism.In the event that incident does occur, you will have recorded evidence so you can take the proper course of action. And also to protect vehicles keeping an eye on your schools parking lot will to protect your staff's vehicles. There are times when an incident occurs and it's hard to tell who is at fault. With proper surveillance, you will know exactly what happened and who is at fault. Unfortunately schools are targets for unscrupulous people. They tend to prey on students beacause they see them as easy targets. With the proper security equipment you can prevent unauthorized intruders. This project KITA KITA (oplan CCTV) is the key to stop this case to be aware and productively responsible all the students. The youth are the future of our generation who held our country. This project KITA KITA (oplan CCTV) prioritize the school community to help security of shool compound for monitoring children's activities.


The OPLAN CCTV PROJECT will be supported by the municipality of Sto. Domingo, Nueve Ecija to implement the project of our group 

This project will cost you at least 300,000 for the all expenses to provide the necessary equipment for it.

The project will last about 1 Year to make it more successful project.

The target of thid project are the schools of barangay of Sto. Domingo to Avoid criminality and 


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