Request for Year Round Housing Fees to not apply for the online months affected by COVID19

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For anyone currently in Year-Round Housing, 

This petition is to request that year-round housing fees which apply for the online summer months (May, June, possibly July) be waived. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many students in year-round housing may no longer be residing on campus.

Due to the outbreak, it will be quite hard to find a sublet at all for those months over the summer because of the fact that 

1) UBC has transitioned summer classes onlinee for term 1 leaving almost no-reason for a student to look for a sublet 

2) There is no guarantee the COVID-19 situation will have eased  

Due to the fact that many students have traveled home due to classes being moved online, and the probability that it will be very hard to even find a sub-letter during this crisis which has left many students and families financially unstable; we feel that this issue is something which should be addressed in order to save thousands of dollars of rent.

Please do not hesitate to participate if you believe in the cause