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All Student Houses in Bloemfontein must be registered and follow new regulations

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This is a petition that affects everybody that lives or work in the following areas:

  • Universitas
  • Universitas Ridge
  • Willows
  • Park West
  • Brandwag
  • Langenhovenpark
  • Any other area that has student houses

For those who don't know according to the terms of the 2015 Municipal Land Use Planning By-law, all owners of properties rented as student accommodation (student houses) must get a "student housing consent" from the Mangaung Metro Municipality to rent out rooms to students.

A meeting with the Mangaung Metro Municipality has confirmed that all, except one, properties rented as student accommodation is illegal. This means they do not adhere to any standards of health and safety.

There is also the HIGHER EDUCATION ACT, 1997 (ACT NO. 101 OF 1997)  THE POLICY ON THE MINIMUM NORMS AND STANDARDS FOR STUDENT HOUSING AT PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES which regulates basic standards to which all University-accredited student accommodation must apply.

We request the UFS & CUT to get an accreditation process going a.s.a.p. for property owners who want to rent rooms to students in a private residential house.

From the Mangaung Metro Municipality, we ask the following::

  • The regulations to which all student houses must comply should be publically available as is the one from Stellenbosch Student Accommodation Policy
  • Detailed and clear procedures on how student house owners can register or request "student housing consent" should be publically and easily accessible
  • We want the Mangaung Metro Municipality to speed up the process in enforcing these zoning rules to ensure that student housing gets regulated before the situation in specific residential areas deteriorate further.
  • The community also wants the Mangaung Metro Municipality to enforce the by-laws on noise disturbance, which some student houses are regularly warned against by neighbors.

We believe that if these regulations would be implemented, it will be beneficial to all in the community including students, property owners, and business owners in these affected areas.

By implementing these by-laws, it will help with the following issues:

  • Overcrowding of houses, this doesn’t comply with minimum standards as set out in the higher education act above
  • Overall improvement of crime statistics as there are better regulations in place to provide more safety for students
  • A clean and healthy environment will encourage better discipline to improve overall student behaviour, especially when it comes to noise levels and parties. It will also improve better social cohesion between students and other residents, which are not optimistic at the moment
  • Better health, hygiene, and safety regulations as student houses, owners must comply with standard regulations
  • Overall improvement of the look and feel of student houses as property owners must apply to standard rules such as cutting of grass and basic upkeep of the ground and house - which benefits the moral upliftment of the community
  • A better environment for students to learn and live in which is beneficial to everybody as they are our future leaders.

Please sign this petition, if you agree with any of the following above and share this with any fellow student, neighbor, parent, business owner and help us spread the news.

We also encourage all parents of students, who currently reside on properties rented to students sign this petition as this directly influences your child's future.

Concerned Universitas House Owners

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Mangaung Metro Municipality
Minister of Higher Education
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Acting Vice-Chancellor and Rector: Central University of Technology


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