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Support for a Drug Policy at Curtin University

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A drug policy is needed to ensure that the University is a safe, healthy and productive environment for people to work, study and visit.  Would you like to see a commitment from Curtin University in their approach to responding to drug-related harm?  Around 3 out of 4 students in a survey have said YES!  Please place your support for a drug policy by signing this petition!

Students have said "Would be nice to see some support as it's still a taboo subject".  Let's get this conversation going!

Many other Australian Universities have shown their commitment to addressing drug-related harm.  Some key elements for a drug policy from these have included:

  1. The University does not condone the consumption of other drugs nor harassment or other unlawful behaviour that may result from the consumption of other drugs.
  2. Defining the responsibilities of staff, students, visitors, contractors at the university, its events and/or activities. For example, staff, students, visitors, contractors must not be attend the University if they are impaired by drugs.
  3. To provide staff and students at the University with education and training on the adverse effects on health and safety in relation to drug-related harm and ways to observe/identify if someone may be impaired by drugs.
  4. Encourage and support students at University to access support from specialised services if they have drug misuse issues.

By signing this survey, you will assist in advocating to Student Guild that a commitment by the University in addressing drug-related harm amongst students is needed. HERE are the recommendations for a drug policy:

  • Build the University community awareness and influence acceptability of other drug use through strategies such as peer education networks, educational programs and targeted campaigns
  • Improve access to the University pharmacy, GP and counselling services for drug-related harm support and treatment
  • Make responding to drug-related harm competence training available
  • Build and improve collaborative partnerships to prevent other drug-related harm 
  • Create safer settings amongst the University by providing other drug  information and education including drug classifications and their effects.  Include information, support and education around blood borne virus (BBV) prevention through strategies such as peer education, BBV and STI testing programs and Hepatitis B vaccination programs



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