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End parental income calculated student finance loans

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The current way in which student finance for U.K./British students is calculated is based on your parental income/earnings. I would like to petition that all students are equally, justifiably and fairly given the exact same loan sum. 

As students, we come to university to gain independence and to more often than not make the next step in our lives. This means moving away from home, budgeting, paying our own way, being responsible "adults".

BUT, how can we really make this progression onto adulthood if the government presume that we are being financially supported by our parents income?

Our parents work, hard! Our parents do their best to support us so that we can reach the stage of getting to university to spread our wings! However, the government do not wish to dish out an equal amount to all students and state that our parents SHOULD do that for us!

What about parents that have worked hard all of their lives and are now retiring? What about the parents that got a degree off of their own backs to get a well paid job of their own? What about the parents that actually do not support their child's decision to go to uni so they refuse to support them?

I refuse to see that due to the amount our parents earn, we as students and their children, are entitled to just spend their earnt money to fund our studies to set them back and put as forward.

I feel that resolving and changing the way student finance loans are calculated it would also stop students discussing and questioning each others financial situations. Therefore, creating an equal standing with less stigma towards those with low income backgrounds that receive significantly more than those with mid to higher income backgrounds. 

Those with lower incomes which may need more support should apply for university bursaries, scholarships and grants.


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