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Student Film Permit fees - NYC

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Film permits were always free to attract and support filmmaking in New York City. Recently the city decided to charge for permits to shoot films.  The current fee structure of 300 dollar per film permit fee is the same for a 100 million dollar studio backed picture as it is for a 500 dollar student film shoot. Student filmmakers are the future of filmmaking in the city and cannot afford to pay the same as a media conglomerate. To be fair, and support students, fees should be scaled so a picture with over a 60 million budget would pay a 10,000 fee, 20-60 million a 5,000 fee, 10-20 million a 2500 fee, 1-10 million a 1500 fee, a 0.5-1 million a 500 fee, less than .5 million a 200 fee, and student productions a 25 dollar fee. Thus the wealthy big budget films using the streets and city of New York are supporting student filmmakers and low budget indies that are their very own future. How many Hollywood Directors and Producers learned their craft as student filmmakers on the streets of New York? We need to support the future with a fair fee structure, not in effect a flat tax that penalizes the poor and favors the rich.

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