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Reinstate Karishma Bhuiyan to her Rightful Position as Student Council President

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To whom it may concern,

Karishma Bhuiyan is a motivated, passionate, and inspirational leader in all aspects of her life. Not only does she invoke her fellow classmates to have the same spirit and vigor for school and leadership, she raises them to a higher standard unlike others at Jack E. Singley Academy. In all her years at Singley Academy, Karishma has been a loyal officer in Student Council. She has strived to make Student Council a greater club, putting in countless hours of hard work over the years. In the various organizations Karishma is involved in, all can attest to the fact that she leads and commands with respect and enthusiasm.This past school year Karishma ran for Student Council President. By winning this election, she was the first woman president in the history of Singley Academy. However, even though the ballots proved she won, Karishma was made Co-President, meaning she had to share the position with her only other running mate. This has never occurred before and clearly breaks the Student Council Bylaws, Article 2 Section 1 and Article 3 Section 1. Still, Karishma accepted it with dignity, even with the little faith they seemed to have in her.  She began planning for this upcoming year, laying out the entire calendar and events and coming up with new ideas and plans. Karishma quickly filled the role of President. She would sometimes stand alone in the tasks that should have been for other officers. Then came the issue with social media use. Mr. Fort, Mrs. Koenig, and Dr. Smith communicated to her about the dangers of social media use after she had been reported by classmates for targeted tweets. She immediately deleted the tweets, apologized, and reformed her behavior. It is important to note that Karishma is not the only officer to get into conflicts or issues on social media and that this was her first and only time in which she immediately took action after it being called to light. However, she is one of the only to be punished in such a way. In the following weeks Karishma was reported again but this time it was regarding not targeted messages but opinions on controversial issues. Karishma is opinionated, but as a woman of color in this country it is hard not to be. She uses her own social media accounts to bring to light social injustices such as cultural appropriation, racism, islamophobia and so on. Towards the end of the school year a poster was defaced with racial slurs. No action by the school was taken against it even when brought to their attention. Karishma began to question her fellow classmates on the anti-blackness that they perpetuate on her personal social media account. Her efforts were to make the school a safe place for all students and she was removed from office. Why would anyone be uncomfortable by her taking a stand for truth and justice? Is a leader not supposed to be setting an example? Why should the school protect those who deface posters with racial slurs and punish those who stand against it? Why does Singley Academy care more about protecting its image than its students? Now, nowhere does it say in the Student Council ByLaws does a student officer have to restrict her/his voice on social media and such. Problems were arising on social media this entire school year, so it is understandable the reason for extra scrutiny, but to remove an outstanding officer such as Karishma is a mistake that needs to be reversed. She more than deserves the position that she earned through her hard work, respect for all her efforts, and another chance for others to see what an essential, creative, powerful, young woman she is. Her love for this school is vast and she embodies everything a Singley Phoenix should strive to be. Karishma is one of the greatest leaders this school has ever seen, it saddneds me to see her treated with such blatant disrespect.



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