Help Ashleigh go to Italy for the Fall 2018 Semester

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My name is Ashleigh Lewis  and I am composing this to allow me to go abroad for the Fall 2018 semester. Currently, I am enrolled in the Sports Management Program and I am successfully advancing and I have always been a student that upholds herself in the highest esteem in an effort to achieve what I wish to acquire without any contradicting factors that might defer my succession. However, almost two years ago I have encountered others that wish to defer what I am trying to create for myself. I was bullied at St. Johns University via the internet and in person. In December 2016 a student came to my dorm room threatening me and being hostile I decided not to go outside. She did it again when she saw me in person a week later. I disclosed with public safety that I didn't feel safe from the first offense and they didn't do anything to assist me. When she assaulted me public safety didn't do anything to subdue the situation. 

Almost two years later, I got penalized for being bullied and now trying to go abroad I cannot for offenses that were not my fault. I am trying to go abroad as I come close to concluding my collegiate career, but I can not because student conduct fails to see that I was the victim here rather than the culprit. According to 48% of young adults been bullied and 70% seen bullying but only 48% admitted to intervene. 

Please help me receive my goal and shedding light onto this injustice. Signing your name doesn't guarantee me a spot to go abroad, but it strengthens my chances.

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