Ban Honorlock at UW-Madison

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Hello Badgers and Students around the world,

I am reaching out to you as I feel that Honorlock is an invasion on some intrinsic privacy rights we have as students

Primarily these concerns: 
Tracking of secure data whilst in software/taking an exam (cookies, browser history) 

Identity tracking and tracing (driver's license, date of birth, address, private personal information)

Voice Tracking as well as recognition (Specifically invading on privacy of other members of my home) 

Facial Recognition and storage of such data
Storage of personal data and recordings of you and potentially others in your home

Distribution of aggregated data to other third party sources

Honorlock specifically has a clause stating FERPA compliance while still lacking acknowledgement for potential FERPA violations in order to use this software which is hazardous to creating a learning environment from home.

This is a major invasion on basic rights being expedited among students and universities alike in the midst of a global crisis. 

It would be a shame to have to deny complying with usage of this software and receive a zero on our tests.