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Project SHAPE (Sexual Health and Peer Education) is a student organization within the University at Albany that exists with one mission: to provide the University at Albany community with accurate and relevant information related to sexual health and sexuality.

Project SHAPE was introduced 23 years ago by Carol Stenger who currently serves as the Faculty Advisor/Director of Project SHAPE while simultaneously working as the Director of the Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence; UAlbany's comprehensive center dedicated to assisting anyone who is struggling with instances of sexual assault or general sexual health. Since the creation of the Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence four years ago, the amount of cases that are processed has increased exponentially with only two staff members taking on the entirety of the work. To ensure that all of those who utilize the Advocacy Center's services are being served properly, Carol Stenger has decided to step down as Director of Project SHAPE to focus her efforts on her work within the Advocacy Center. Her departure will be accompanied by other changes to the organization determined by the University at Albany administration.

Changes being made to Project SHAPE: 

  1. Carol Stenger will be replaced by an individual with no prior experience and education related to sexuality
  2. Project SHAPE operations will shift from the Advocacy Center for Sexual Assault to the Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program
  3. Project SHAPE will become an organization involved in the University's Health Promotion Campaign
  4. The training courses for Project SHAPE members (ECPY 311 & ECPY 312) will be eliminated

As Project SHAPE members, we believe these changes will negatively impact our organization as a whole. These changes would jeopardize our mission of providing accurate and relevant sexual health information to the UAlbany community. Without a trained professional with a background in sexuality, the organization would suffer by not having the right person to make appropriate decisions for the organization. We as students would suffer from the elimination of our training courses because the effectiveness of this organization is based on how well Project SHAPE members convey to others what they have learned from these classes. The decision to integrate Project SHAPE into Middle Earth and the proposed Health Promotion Campaign means that our organization has to respond to certain criteria which may limit what we are allowed to teach and what we are expected to do which poses a potential threat to the efficacy of our outreach.

What we hope to accomplish:

  1. Allow Carol Stenger to remain as the Director of Project SHAPE 
  2. Convince the University at Albany Administration to hire another individual to work within the Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence to alleviate the growing amount of case work that the center faces
  3. Remove the integration of Project SHAPE into the Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program

By signing and sharing this petition, you are allowing your voice to be heard in this matter. We will be taking our case to the University Administration in order to see that the future of our organization is kept intact. This petition will allow us to show the administration that our work matters and that any changes made could lead to negative consequences. Sexual health is an important topic that relates to a majority of the members within our University population. If we can't effectively teach our peers about sexual health then we truly believe the University will suffer as a result.

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