New coach for the UNYP Blazers football team.

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Dear UNYPers,

I am writing this on behalf of all the members of UNYP Blazers football team who truly care about the results of the team and the prestige of the university, who is literally everyone in the team. We do not know how to attract the attention of people who might do the changes we are asking about, so we are doing it in the form of online petition and we will be extremely grateful if you sign it as well. What we are asking about is a new coach for our collective because Matej Kopecky underperforms. He does not understand the basics of football (which leads to a number of weird decisions during the matches and very often we lose just because of them) and does not have any particular interest in our success. For instance, we do not have trainings anymore because:

1) People often have classes when trainings take place and when we ask Matej to have them another day, he does not do anything and just tells that this is impossible because the field is reserved other days. What prevents him from finding another place for our practice sessions is a mystery.

2) Many people stopped attending trainings (also, people even stopped attending games) because trainings are just meaningless. We do not have any exercises, we just play football there, they are only one hour long, and they are only once a week. But what is the most ridiculous thing here is that Matej stopped attending trainings as well! He just brings keys and leaves. Or says that there are not enough people today, so the training is cancelled. I am not sure but, in my opinion, this is not how the work has to be done.

Probably, we could permit Matej to continue his work further, but there are no results (we used to play in the 6th league, now we are in the 8th) and he does not listen to us when we speak to him in order to change the current state of affairs. Believe us, we have a pretty good squad which could show the results under the proper managment. So, please, whoever you are, if you care about university, your friends playing in the team, football or just want to help people who are passionate about what they do, sign it please (if you also shared it, we would appreciate your effort).

Best Regards,

UNYP Blazers.