Student accommodation providers in Birmingham should #RefundTheRent!

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We are asking student accommodation providers in Birmingham to consider doing the following:

1. Refund the rent paid by students that never moved into their accommodation
2. Refund the rent for the weeks during the travel window before Christmas when students were legally obliged to leave their student accommodation early
3. Do not charge rent for the duration of national lockdowns from students who legally cannot access their student accommodation
4. Provide a rent reduction for students who are using their accommodation during the national lockdown as they are not receiving the full service they are paying for, such as access to communal areas
5. Provide all students with the opportunity to get out of their contracts with immediate effect and without financial penalty


Why is this important?

Most students who have accommodation contracts now legally cannot return to their accommodation and do not need to as most of their courses are entirely online. This pandemic has been particularly challenging for university students causing great distress and hardship for them.

Many students have lost their jobs following the closure of restaurants, bars, clubs, and many other businesses, while their maintenance loans usually do not cover the full cost of their rent. Covid-19 has financially affected millions of people across the UK and many parents will struggle to financially support their children studying at university.

Some student accommodation providers have already done the right thing, such as Student Roost and iQ who have offered to not charge any rent for six weeks from students who have not yet travelled back to their accommodation.

Unite Students have offered a 50% rental discount for four weeks for students who have not yet travelled back to their accommodation which only amounts to roughly £350 per student on average. This is not good enough.

Student accommodation providers in Birmingham should #RefundTheRent!

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