tricky questions of physics :- easy for few but not for majority

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As we all have gone through the tragedic 3 hours of our life yesterday from 10:30 to 1:30 p.m. The questions were fully conceptual and it was clear that only the ones who are appearing for joint next month were able to solve it easily but i am not sure if they also because i got to know from someone that it was of their level. I know teachers of CBSE board will take this as an allibie and say that - "You got a whole year, what you did???". Well i agree we got a whole year to study but we were studying previous years questions and were solving the sample papers which even our parents did duiring their time. I know time has changed but so much??. This time all sample papers and suggestions failed... We were said that numerical's will be less and working, principals or diagrams from optics will come in huge amount .. well i got SET - 2 and got anly one ray diagram of concave mirror, and one more thing for what reasons we got 15 days holiday before Home science exam??? couldn't it be any main subject such as physics or maths??     

Few points which made this paper a tragedy for class 12 science students :-

  1. Sec A questions.
  2. sec B questions.
  3. sec C(specially the question number 17)

I think lenient checking should be done this time or success will be less.. So friends please sign the petition and let the students raise their protest  against this serious topic as our future counts on this marks.. #its not a joke,Its our future