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Stubble burning and pollution due to Industries are the main reason for Hazardous Air..

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It's our "right to breath" in pure air, no one has right to snatch it. How can you snatch it...

Every year during October / November we struggle a lot to breath. We think hundred times before leaving the home. No one would like to put his/her life at risk since Capital has become a "Gas Chamber" in 2-3 days. But we have to step out for our daily routine since there is there is no other option. Even children can not step out of the house.

Government doesn't do anything except advisory and instructions and off course blame game

Blame game ;

- Govt. blames nearby states and announces that they will take a strict action on this and then start temporary solutions which never helps a lot

- Launch Odd Even formula

- Schools remains shut

- Ban on Construction

Govt. wakes up after 2-3 days of all these blame game and by the time our Capital becomes a "Gas Chamber" and all types of commissions National Human Rights Commission comes into the picture announcing bla bla etc. etc.

Can't we expect pure environment in which we can breath freely, Yes we can expect this from our government its our "right to breath" and how can anybody snatch it from us by polluting the environment.


Main Villain behind the pollution.

"Stubble burning and pollution due to Industries" are the ‘main villain’ behind the severe pollution in Delhi and neighboring areas,
What are its effects?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it can be dangerous to breathe in too much smog.

Smog contains a pollutant called ozone, and elevated ozone levels can have a variety of negative effects on your lungs.

Exposure to smog can lead to several different types of short-term health problems. These include:

Coughing and throat or chest irritation: High levels of ozone can irritate your respiratory system, generally lasting for a few hours after you’ve been exposed to smog. However, ozone can continue to harm your lungs even after symptoms disappear.
Worsening of asthma symptoms: If you suffer from asthma, exposure to high levels of ozone from smog can trigger asthma attacks.
Difficulty breathing and lung damage: Smog can make it feel difficult to inhale deeply, especially during a workout due to reduced lung function, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Overall, smog can cause or aggravate health problems such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory problems as well as eye irritation and reduced resistance to colds and lung infections.

The ozone in smog also inhibits plant growth and can cause widespread damage to crops and forests.

Solution we can expect :

- Govt. should take prior action on Stubble burning by ;

- identifying the reason why Stubble got burned instead cutting in short short peaces
-making farmers aware and understand about the complications after burning the Stubble
- Govt. senior/responsible people should visit villages and nearby states educate farmers about results and consequences of pollution happened due to this.
- Govt. should inspect all Capital and near by state Industries and cancel the license which are not up to the mark on terms and conditions issued by NGT.
- HC should knock and remind Delhi government about all these and should monitor all the work areas.
- Govt. should improve the public transport and should ban all diesel vehicle which have crossed 10 years.
- Govt. has to plant Lacs of "Neem" tress every year to reduce the pollution and must encourage people to plant trees which help in reducing the pollution.

We the people of National Capital urge Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA), NGT, Delhi Govt., Center Govt. and our respective HC and Supreme Court to take some strict action well in advance and stop becoming Delhi a Gas Chamber. So that we can think towards "Growing our country"

We don't want to deliver a Gas Chamber to our future generation and a blame game capital. We want to hand over a capital where we set a example of change whenever it requires and it is as safe as a Mother keeps her child safe even in unfavorable circumstances.

Dear friends, request / urgent you to please sign this petition if you really care about the environment and don't want to deliver a Gas Chamber to your upcoming generations. Its our "Right to breath" in pure air.

So, friends please sign this petition and get it signed from your dearest, nearest, neighbor, colleagues. Its necessary to raise voice instead sitting ideal. Thank you in advance.

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