To improve water infrastructure in Cascade

To improve water infrastructure in Cascade

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Stuart Young MP

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10 January 2022

The Honourable Stuart Young

MP for POS-North- St. Ann’s West

Observatory St.


Dear MP

We the undersigned Residents of Pomme Rose, Lower and Upper Hillside and Hololo, wish to request your immediate intervention to solve - or at best provide a temporary solution for – a major problem that has been significantly adding to stress levels in the community. Levels that are already elevated as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping our nation.

Despite innumerable appeals over many years to WASA to provide some reasonable level of water supply to our community, the water supply has remained mired in what appears to us to be a lack of sensitivity or will to implement some lasting solution that would bring demonstrable relief to us all.

We wish to immediately acknowledge that we have had the cooperation of a few WASA functionaries who from time to time, as resources allow, redirect water to our community. But the problems of leaking infrastructure … or other … have progressively worsened over the past six months, and their solution now requires intervention at a decision-making level, hence this direct appeal to you.

To say that the Residents are frustrated would be too simple a descriptor.  Residents are fed up and thoroughly disgusted with appears to be reckless abandon of the State’s responsibility to provide some reasonable continuity of a service that is not more basic and essential to life and health as water.

We would sincerely appreciate if you would initiate the requisite action(s) that would result in tangible, sustainable improvement in our water supply. In order of our priority, we respectfully request the following as a minimum:

1.     Immediate supply of water to Residents: If repairs are required to make this happen, same should be undertaken on a 24-hr basis.

2.     A longer-term actionable plan to be developed and implemented by WASA with monthly progress reports being copied to you, so you could provide regular updates to the community

We are not unaware of your very busy schedule, but given the sorry situation in which we have been stuck for many years, we ask that you place a high priority on our request.

Yours truly,


Residents of Cascade

122 have signed. Let’s get to 200!