Help Save Brooke Rd Mail Centre!

Help Save Brooke Rd Mail Centre!

1 October 2020
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Stuart Simpson, Interim Chief Executive of Royal Mail and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by B P

Local residents of Clapton E5 and surrounding area have just learned that the Clapton Royal Mail Delivery and Collections Office in Brooke Road E5 is closing down on 16th November 2020.

For collections in person, and any personal mail enquiries, residents will thereafter be expected to travel to Leyton Collection office, at least one hour round trip by a dwindling bus service.

A return journey to the Leyton office is not viable for local residents of E5. Journey cost and time spent in transit, along with reduced bus services and an expectation that we should all be endeavouring to travel less in these current times makes the closure of our local office an absolute injustice

Our local community is diverse and many will struggle after this closure. Residents such as the elderly, disabled, people with health issues, parents with young children in tow, people with transport challenges.

The staff at Brooke Road know many local residents, and so are able to resolve queries and hand over packages with efficiency and familiarity. Brooke Road office is part of our local community and one of our cherished essential local services.

In this new future of minimal contact and increasing digitalisation, contact with the familiar faces of people within our community has never been more important. Many people in our community will be left feeling ever more isolated if this office closes.

Royal Mail will argue that because a parcel can be left with a neighbour or have its delivery rescheduled, our local community can manage without their local delivery office, but there are many people for whom those options simply do not work. 

Please join us in signing this petition to halt the closure of our local Royal Mail Clapton Delivery Office on Brooke Rd, we must come together to protect such an important part of our local community.

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Signatures: 3,153Next Goal: 5,000
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