Support for Temporary Visa Holders during Covid-19 crisis

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This petition is asking for the Australian Government to include the Temporary Visa Holders in Australia in the Covid-19 support package.

Everyone is facing hard times, and like Australians, Temporary Visa Holders are losing their jobs and still have to pay for rent, food and bills. 

You may be wondering why we are not all going back to our home countries. Unfortunately during this time it is quite impossible to plan any trip overseas because borders are closed and international flights are cancelled. Also many of us have been living in Australia for years, signing rental leases, enrolling in school or universities, working and paying tax. 

We all  have our lives here  like Australian citizens and Permanent Residents and also like them we are all experiencing the same hardships, but the lack of financial support makes us a very vulnerable category.

To the Honourable Scott Morrison MP and Stuart Robert MP

We would like to kindly ask you to help all the Temporary Visa Holders of Australia by including us in any further Covid-19 support package .