Child Support Agency Accountability - vote to make things fair

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Currently, the Child Support Agency has a complaints handling procedure that lacks in accountability. Employees who do the wrong thing have complaints about them 'managed' by 'Personalised Services' staff, who are in fact 'case managers' that routinely ignore major problems with a focus on reducing media fallout. When a client wants to make a complaint, issues are routinely ignored. Further, if a client reports a matter of fraud, Child Support Agency Staff routinely ignore this. The reason? It's because it's client money they are dealing with and NOT Government money. Child Support have only prosecuted 2 people for fraud since 2006, yet Centrelink have prosecuted thousands of people in the same time frame. Australian law is there for ALL Australians, not just who Child Support Employees think it should apply to! Finally, there is currently NO organisation that acts as a watch dog for Child Support. If you think that the Ombudsman can do anything about any serious misconduct or criminal behaviour, think again. The Ombudsman can only make recommendations, they don't have the power to prosecute or bring CSA Employees to account for their actions. We need a Federal Integrity Agency!

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Act now, Demand Accountability. We need an organisation with some teeth to make them accountable.