Stuart Corbridge, Stop the Pension Reforms!

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The strike action being taken by the University and College Union (UCU) against Universities UK (UUK) is over a move to link staff pensions to the value of investments. As a result of this we, the undersigned, are calling for our Vice-Chancellor Stuart Corbridge to:


1) Come out publicly in opposition to the pension reforms and put pressure on UUK as a whole to abandon these plans, which are part of the Government’s wider attempt to marketise education. We believe that education should be a free public service, rather than a business which puts profit first and foremost in its operation.


2) Remove any penalties that may prevent students from showing their support for the strike by not crossing picket lines. Currently international students risk putting their tier 4 visas in jeopardy if they choose not to cross the picket line. We believe that, in the interests of freedom of expression, all students should be allowed to join the strike without fear of punishment from the university.


We need an end to marketisation and better conditions for everyone on campus. Solidarity with those on strike!