Save Our Grey Gums

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The landscape of Penrith City may be about to change forever, with the removal of many significant old growth trees on Mulgoa Road.  

You can help us by signing this petition and making your voice heard to the people the final decisions in May 2019. 

The loss of this substantial piece of our local natural heritage is incalculable. Removal of such a large stand of trees will contribute further to the local heat-island effect, exposing even more concrete to solar heating. These local major carbon sinks will be gone forever and the thousands of tree hollows they contain will be destroyed, leaving thousands of animals homeless. Countless generations of animals have been raised in our amazing trees and to lose them would be tragic.

The NSW Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) has proposed to widen parts of Mulgoa Rd by an extra two lanes. Their proposal includes the removal of 35 old growth eucalypts some of which are over 150 years old and due to their age they contain numerous hollows (about 230) which are being used by a variety of native birds and animals, who depend on them for survival. These trees are in good health.

The removal of these trees to create an extra two lanes is unnecessary. A new lane each side of Mulgoa Rd only requires 3 metres each side yet the RMS is proposing to clear approximately 20 metres from the road to the Grey Gums Hotel side of Mulgoa Rd. Yes Mulgoa Rd needs upgrading but this RMS proposal is outrageous, excessive and displays total disregard for these majestic icons of the Penrith area.