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Help Save The Nazko First Nations

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My group-mates and I would like to address the current issue of water filtration on the Nazko First Nations reserve in British Columbia. Right now in Nazko there are families and First Nations peoples struggling to stay healthy because they do not have clean, filtered drinking and bathing water. We need to work as a caring and fair society to help the Canadian government see that this issue needs to stop. We would like supporters and activists to help us inform the Canadian government about how this issue is currently happening, and different ideas on ways to solve this problem. We need supporters who think that water is a human right, and that we all equally deserve water. Water is a necessity to life because without it, we die. So ask yourself, why is it fair that we, a privileged community in Canada get clean and filtered drinking and bathing water but the First Nations on the Nazko reserve in British Columbia don't? Does that make sense to you? If you have a strong passion for helping others and think that all humans deserve clean drinking and bathing water, we gratefully encourage you to sign this petition so that as a community we can convey to the Canadian government how serious this issue is. So that together we can show multiple different plans of action to the Canadian government, so that in the end we will help be part of the solution and this problem will be solved. 

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