Help Jamun suffering from eye proptosis

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Jamun was a 6 month old pup rescued from a nearby village after a call ,we found him with scars in face and eyes, when we took him to the shelter we had noticed some discharge from his eye, at first we taught that it will be some eye infection and treated him with that,but soon after his primary visit to STS clinc we came to know that he is suffering from proptosis and his eye is getting popping out of his eye lid this may be due to a dog fight ,also the vet had found some minor injuries and scratches in his cornea.This is an emergency and time is critical, and the longer the condition is untreated the more likely he will lose eyesight in the dislocated,currently jamun was sedated and admitted in STS vet clinic and needs an urgent surgery to re-locate his eye and to treat with the infection the surgery and post surgery care and anesthesia would cost $900 It will be a huge amount for sds to afford over night as we are a made from scrap run by students organisation , yes alone we cant but together we can so please take this as an emergency and please consider to donate and aid us save Jamun's eye

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