Emergency ! Dog living with one lung whose another lung got perforated needs help

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Early morning today we had received a call for rescue from a nearby construction site,they said that there is dog with severe wounds crying in pain,some of our volunteers rushed there to rescue that poor baby,when they get her to the shelter we had seen a hollow cavity beside his front legs after some first aid we had named her deisy and  took her to sts  vet hospital to know what happened to him the results shocked us, yes its not a hollow cavity but we found that something happend to her which perforated her lungs which is the major problem here and found that she is breathing trough one lung currently she was put into ventilator and needs an emergency and critical surgery to save her the surgery and post surgery care would cost $3000 as you all know we are a raisen from scrap organisation run by students so $3000 in a short period of time is impossible to us we are appealing and searching for funds from all our known sources and volunteers alone we cant't do this but together we can so please consider to donate,share and help us save daisy 

Donation url (the need $3000)