Structured Sentencing For Sex Offenders

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We need to have structured sentencing brought into Ireland.There is no set sentences for rapists and sex offenders.Many sex offenders get a suspended sentence.This should not be allowed wether they plead guilty or not.There needs to a deterent to sex offenders.I know of a case where a woman was attacked in her home and raped.Her rapist received 4 and a half years suspended sentence.

From starting to listen to others that were sexually abused and raped through my page SURVIVORS SIDE BY SIDE the thing that is most wanted is justice.The courts and governments need to realise that the victims of these crimes are let with the mental trauma and it never leaves.I have heard from many victims that no longer want to report the crime as the sentencing is so low in Ireland.This is so wrong.People deserve justice and the governent is meant to look after their people so they need to start.

There needs to be a standard of care where there is a set minimum of 10 years with no suspension of sentence.If they plead guilty they should receive the minimum and if it goes to trial and they are found guilty get more time.

Also concurrent sentencing needs to be changed.It makes no sense at all for someone who is serving time for a sexual offence to get a concurrent sentence for another victim.This is wrong mainly for the victims.It is also not a deterrent for the offender when he can abuse multiple victims yet serve no extra time.Sentencing should be concurrent and have to serve the adaquit time for each victim.

These are the least changes victims deserve and as the courts are supposedly for the best needs of the public,its time the public make their voices heard.