Stop the pilfering of Hardwicke Parochial Primary Academy

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Proposed action to HPPA, to be known ongoing as Hardwicke School is detailed below; 

S.18/0575/FUL | A new single mobile classroom on existing hardplay (380040, 212996) | Hardwicke Parochial Primary School Poplar Way Hardwicke Gloucester Gloucestershire GL2 4QG

We just want to start this petition and state that it is not directly related to the pupils at Clearwater School or against the plight that they have but more to the decision makers that have up to now, not planned ahead or foreseen any issues to their plans. 

The pupils at Clearwater School and Hardwicke School have been tremendously let down by the lack of foresight in starting a nomad school which to this day, still does not have planning permission, there is a point where "temporary" solutions no longer become acceptable and Councils, Education Authority and the Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust have to take accountability and do the right this for both sets of pupil's, schools and surrounding school families.  

With the above in mind We as parents, friends and family of pupils at Hardwicke School have objections to the proposed action above as listed in the below bullet points;

  • The original mobile building was only a temporary measure. 
  • The original mobile building has space for two classrooms, but Clearwater are not using the space as such. 
  • The proposed location would dramatically and detrimentally affect the junior children and stop them having an outside play area, there are many studies to show what this time has on their development.
  • Again the the proposed location is where parents and guardians currently pick the children up at home time. The situation is all ready unsafe and puts the children at risk due to the amount of people congregated in one area. The risk in the mayhem I child should go home with a stranger is not one as parents we are prepared to accept. With the proposed changes this situation would only get worst, or would mean a staggered home time and yet, once again it is the Hardwicke Pupils that have to change to fix the "temporary solution."
  • Currently Clearwater School share the facilities of Hardwicke School, cooking facilities, dinning annex, hall, sports field and so on. There have been reports from parents that their children have been told to hurry up and eat or been told to leave the annex due to the need of having Clearwater School to come in. In this day and age none of our children should have to share facilities to accommodate and inadequate solution.
  • Currently Clearwater School parent's have been asked to park in the village hall car park. This is not being done, as such adding another set of parents into the scenario will mean an increase in traffic.(next point describes the issues.) 
  • The issue of parking around Hardwicke School was an issue before Clearwater School started to use the site, the parking facilities around the school are inadequate for the school. The risk is that parents have need to get the children into school, as such they park irresponsible or dangerously. On any given day you will see near miss's whether that be car on car or car on pupil. We feel that it is only a case of WHEN and not IF a serious accident happens around the school it would be almost impossible for the emergency services to do their job and get to the scene. The surrounding residents of Hardwicke School are frustrated and fed up with the situation and have reported it to the police an local media, parking already around the school is a flash-point, Adding another 30 pupils to Hardwicke School is adding further risk and fuel to the fire. 

There are many other reason's why adding this further "temporary" building creates risk and would be detrimental to both sets of pupil's, however we just want to conclude by stating that instead of finding "temporary" solutions, the issues surrounding Clearwater School need to be expedited and be a matter importance to all those concerned, however as Pupils, Parents, Family and anyone connected with the school we will not allow any further sacrificing of our children whether that be to their education, their development or their health. 

Enough is Enough. 


The SOS (Save Our School - Hardwicke) Facebook Group.