Lee Sibley: Rehouse Chloe Sibley and her child!

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Chloe Sibley is from Gloucester and has currently been moved to stroud as apparently there are lack of housing.

i am appalled as many others of the conditions which Stroud council moved her to when she wants a place near her family.

there are needles all around the block of flats and no where for young children like her son who is only 4 years of age.

she cannot let him go out due to the gangs who hang out not forgetting the homesless people who takes drugs hand out in the staircase.

send a message to stroud council that we stand with Chloe.

regards, to the needles and drug stuff stroud council has refused to act and so has the police.

She rang the council regards to needles and drug using and they said they aren’t going to do anything. As a council they have a responsibility and have wardens to ensure people the public are kept very safe.

The whole flat is a health and safety breach becasue of the brick work collapsing in staircase and leaks in her flat with not having a cooker due to water dripping through the wall and the housing people said they won’t send someone out to over the weekend.

This is disgusting behaviour from everyone as she has mouths to feed, and she pays her bills and council taxes and the council doesn’t want to help anyone

the police should be patrolling knowing that drug addicts are about and it’s a serious problem around that area. They won’t clear up with is horrendous knowing that kids will walk past and potentially risk stepping or falling over.

As a Activist well known for campaigning and being successful, I have started this petition and hope you will sign because this is really terrible and disgusting. Is also disgraceful.

once, we get enough we will submit to Stroud District Council!

not forgetting the fact they are willing to leave her without electricity which is a fundamental, essential knowing she needs cooker for Jayden.

There is Gangs of teenagers which hangs out in this location which is intimidating and knowing the fact that the police do not seem to care what so ever.

the whole building is in danger due to the amount of damages and the repairs which would cost millions possibly because they have not maintained. If that was to fall on them due to water leaks then they could be sued!

stroud District council also said that If she did not work they would be happy to give her a place but because she’s does they won’t.

this is a disgrace and people should contact them. TO support Chloe you can share this petition.