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Shut Down Petland in Strongsville, Ohio

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If you have been into the popular Strongsville mall, Southpark, you have been persuaded to go into the pet store, Petland, at least once. Anyone who walks in, leaves in shame. The company treats the animals so poorly and it's obvious. The dogs will curl up in their corner of their wire-floored, tiny cage and not pay attention to anything else going on. Several puppies had obvious breathing problems and skin issues. The kittens are the same way; they have broken nails, hoarse meows and they never seem to come up to the glass. There have been instances where pets bought at this store will suffer from sickness or disease, or ever pass away soon after being brought home. It is extremely, extremely likely that Petland receives all of their animals from puppy mills, not just in Ohio but around the country. In general, any animals in the mills, particularly puppies, come from very poor situations and are treated like dirt. Please research puppy mills if you have never heard of this before. From the birds, to the puppies, to the rats: there have been so many instances that could break a heart. Everyday, pictures and documentation comes to surface about something wrong with an animal. Please do research about Petland's company.

All in all, we need some justice for all of those little animals who deserve so much better. Please sign this petition and help them out. They suffer just as we do. If you could, please do not buy or support Petland pet store in Strongsville, Ohio. 

For clarification, the goal is to shut down the Petland store located in Strongsville, Ohio and send the animals that are there to local shelters and rescue centers to receive the care that they so desperately need.

For further clarification, there have been several employees that have reported that they get their dogs from puppy mills, however managers and owners will talk around the topic for days. There is also over one hundred comments and stories reporting that they have evidence against this cause. I have personally seen these issues firsthand and I know many others have as well. I am not the only person behind this as I have joined forces with others, to be the voices of the animals.

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