life for pedophiles and child molesters

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i made this petition so we all can stand as one our government dose not have strong enough law's on pedophiles even some of our law enforcement are pedophiles and some of the people in parlement.

Child sexual abuse is a matter of concern all over the world, and is the subject of

investigation and prosecution under the law, and of academic study into the prevalence, causes and social implications.


These judges give these sick viel monsters a light sentance look at this judge Judge Clive Jeffreys has repeatedly given lenient and inappropriate sentences for child abusers, violent offenders and pretty much anyone who goes before him.


Since being appointed in 2011 he has had 5 of his judgments increased on appeal. One of those judgments regarding horrific child rapist.

 these monsters should not be set free no amount of jail time can help them onc3 there set free they will keep reoffending. think of the damage there doing to the innocent kids

there innocents  was taken away why let pedophiles/child molesters out of prison 

they take childrens innocents witch they should lose there freedom

#lifeforpedophiles #noparole


We Want Them To Stay Behind Bars No Parole No Bail






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