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Econet, We Need Better Customer Service & Explanations on Where Our Airtime/Data Is Going

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You recharge your phone credit/airtime, and a few minutes later, you try and make a call or buy bundles to connect to the internet, and all of a sudden you realize that all your data/call time has disappeared.

Such is the recurring theme in conversations with other Econet subscribers. In such hard times, where finding the money to buy the airtime/data is hard enough as it is, - losing it with no explanation or reimbursement is frustrating to say the least.

You may have then decided to call one of Econet's customer care lines, where you are confronted with one of two situations;

  1. The call unexpectedly dropped out, without even connecting.
  2. You had to wait for over 30 minutes to get a representative to serve you.

 According to their website, Econet states:
"Econet established a toll free call centre, which handles an average of 70 000 calls per week and manned by 120 operators. The Econet Contact Centre hosts three enquiry lines which are 111, 119 and 114"

According to a Daily News article (published online on Oct 28, 2016), Econet surpassed the 10-million subscriber mark in 2016. Whether those are all phone service subscribers or not, some people, regardless of the service they signed up with Econet for (e.g. EcoSure), may still call 111, 119 and 114 for assistance. (we don't know those statistics)

So we only have 120 people to serve us all?
Clearly 120 operators is nowhere near enough.

BUT WAIT! That's not all, your ordeal is not over.
During your lunch break, you decide to go to the Econet store at Joina City, and there are 50 people in the queue before you. By the time your lunch break ends, and you have to dart back to your place of employment, you had only moved up to number 31!
With your head down, you head back to the office. A great idea pops in your head, and you decide to send Econet a message on their Facebook Page. It goes Unanswered. You leave a well written and warranted comment on their Facebook Page wall... it gets deleted.... 

What do you do next?
You Sign this petition! If not for you, for your relative/friend who is an Econet Subscriber.

And NO, switching to another service provider is not a solution.

This petition is to ask Econet to:

  1. Do better in its customer care department. A solution would be to recruit and train several hundred more call-centre operators, and change their in-store Customer Care process.
  2. Explain why our hard-earned money is disappearing at an alarming rate across the country by way of phone credit loss.

 A single dollar lost by each subscriber, is way too much.
We need a positive change to this widespread daily occurrence.

Let's talk in one voice by signing this petition, and receive the service we deserve.

People who we need to action this change:

  1. Strive Masiyiwa - Founder and Group Chairman
  2. Douglas Mboweni - Chief Executive Officer
  3. Fayaz King - Chief Operating Officer
  4. Innocent Magaya - Chief Human Resources Officer

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